about us

      Employees at Fresh Abilities* will be working side by side with persons with no disabilities in an industry that requires quality, dependable, friendly and skilled manpower – The Food Service Industry.

Our employees receive ServSafe Level One food safety certification before we provide a syllabus based training program with over 110 hours of documented training in every aspect of restaurant operations.

The range of topics we train to spans safe food handling, proper food preparation, storage and temperature management, cleanliness, customer service, point of sale system training and use, online order fulfillment and online delivery service order fulfillment. Training as Assistant Store Managers is part of our program as well. Most importantly, we want the community to build personal relationships
with our team.

   Our ultimate goal is that our employees work where they want to – even when that means they take their resumes, certificates and experience learned to work for another employer. That to us is the true measure of our success!